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Updated table editor

I've just released a huge update to the table editor. I'm quite happy with the result and think that it's now finally usable. Please let me know if you experience any bugs or if you're missing crucial functions.

Added tutorial for lists

So far, there was no tutorial about lists on this website, but I think most people are going to need this at some point in their documents. I tried to include the most relevant features and tried to leave out the less relevant things one can do with lists.

Added table of content to sections

I added tables of content to most sections to make navigating within the sections easier. It also helps you to quickly figure out what content is covered by each lesson.

Updated tables tutorial

Just posted a huge update for the tables section. I've previously focussed on brevity, but I figured that the tutorial was missing a lot of info. I hope that it now covers all topics one could ever care about, without being too overwhelming.

New tutorial - Hyperlinks in LaTeX

Today, I've added a tutorial on how to add hyperlinks to your documents. While this feature is very basic and easy to use, I thought that it's quite fundamental and has previously not been covered on my website.